Online Broadcast SolutionsOnline Broadcast Solutions

Video is the next best thing to one-on-one human interaction. Whether you are looking for progressive video playback, a content streaming solution or live streams, we have the experience to not only build and implement a user centric solution, but we also build the online management tools to administer your online broadcast solution with.

Web Design and DevelopmentWeb Design and Development

Whether you are looking to start a blog, create a website to host a competition on, improve your corporate website or a set up a beautiful portfolio site to show off your skills to a wider online public, we can do it all. Weekday Heroes specialises in all things online and internet and we use proven technologies to achieve the best results.

User Experience DesignUser Experience Design

Imagine you have this killer idea that is forever going to change the face of your specific industry and you want to take it online. You want the online experience to be as amazing as your product. That’s where we come in. By applying best practices and stunning information architecture we get great results.

We also do:

API integrations

API is an acronym for an Application Programming Interface. In simple terms, it’s a unified way for different programs on various servers around the world to share information with each other. We take these existing APIs and fuse them together to improve your website or application’s offering.

Interactive Infographics

Information is great. Information that’s poorly presented in long lists and bullet points not so much… We create stunningly beautiful, interactive infographics that presents your data in a manner that still makes sense, but is engaging at the same time.

Flash/AIR games development

People have been playing games since the dawn of time. It makes sense to get your message across by engaging your users with a well-designed, fun game that offers reward at the end. Our games are used to train, educate and convey internal company targets and goals for the year. We even build some just for fun.

Web-enabled Application development

When we can’t find you a suitable online solution that already exist, we tailor one to your needs. Using open source technologies we’ll create database driven, goal specific applications to suit almost anyone’s need. If it can be classified in a flow chart, we’ll put it online.

WordPress Services

We really like WordPress. We like it so much that we’ve become exceedingly good at working with it. We offer services like securing your WordPress installation, upgrading and updating WordPress installations, creating new installations from scratch, and Theme development.


Selling stuff? Excellent! Want to use the internet to reach a larger audience? Even better! We’ll help you set up a store front, accept payments online and give you lots of great tips on how to market yourself, but we’ll also point out the caveats to selling online.

Email campaigns

While building your brand online it is essential to stay in touch with your users. The internet is a playground of bells and whistles and you should ensure that your bells and whistles are the brightest. We’ll set up your templates, contact databases and supply you with feedback on how your campaigns are doing.

Educational Content Development

At some point or another you have to learn a new skill or two and what better way than to interact with a smart computer program written by a clever programmer. We have years of experience in creating the tools that facilitate knowledge transfer, whether it’s for the Health – or – banking industry or even an entire school curriculum, we’ve done it all.


Don’t see anything you need?

Weekday Heroes like to dabble in new things. We really enjoy learning about new things and love technical challenges. The Weekday Heroes repertoire is in no way limited to what is outlined above. If you are looking for someone to bounce ideas off, get in touch with us. Our consultation rates are very reasonable and we’ll give you sound, honest advice.

Agencies, don’t feel left out. We’ve had numerous collaborations with digital and traditional agencies and work with many of them on a regular basis as the content development partner. Give us a call if you need to have that special project developed and designed professionally.